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How it Works

Created by a quilt shop owner and teacher, the Quilters Hangup® eliminates much of the time involved in hand-crafting hanging solutions for your treasured quilts and art work. The patented gusset feature of the Quilters Hangup® allows your quilt or artwork to hang flat... without the time and frustration involved in creating it yourself! It is easy to install and works beautifully every time. Take a look at our 2-minute QNNTV demo to see just how easy it is to hang your quilts and artwork beautifully!

Without Quilters Hangup®

With Quilters Hangup®

We've all been there... tried every trick imaginable, only to find that our quilts just won't hang flat!
With Quilters Hangup®, your quilt can be displayed beautifully... easily and every time.