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Quilters Hangup®, the Ready-to-Use Pleated Quilt Sleeve

We've all been there... tried every trick imaginable, only to find that our quilts just won't hang flat! With Quilters Hangup®, your quilt can be displayed beautifully... easily and every time.

Without Quilters Hangup®

With Quilters Hangup

With Quilters Hangup®

Without Quilters Hangup

Why Quilters Hangup®?

  • Easy to use. Saves time.
  • Streamlined patented design allows quilt to hang flat.
  • Designed by a quilt shop owner/teacher.
  • Quilt show regulation size of 4" tall.


Learn more about Quilters Hangup® by watching these QNNTV demo videos:
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Quilters Hangup® Video #2